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HRinDemand’s human resources consultants offer expert advice and easy-to-use tools to help small businesses effectively recruit, hire, and manage employees.

Every business is unique so employing people and related processes vary. HRinDemand works with business owners/operators to make sense of the complicated procedures, rules, and regulations that govern employment today. Stop spending time worrying about human resources regulations. Contact HRinDemand and then get back to doing what you do best – Running Your Business!



HRinDemand Subscription Plan

Some features of the Subscription Plan include: a bi-annual HR assessment, easy-to-use forms for hiring and terminations, and unlimited access to the HRinDemand Hotline.


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Training Sessions

Training for Your Managers and Employees

With high level Training and Development services, HRinDemand can teach your managers and supervisors to lead more effectively and develop your employees to ...

Hire Right

Employer Branding

Employer Branding with HRinDemand will ensure that you put your best foot forward, appearing top-notch to job applicants…

Personnel Filing System

Setting Up Personnel Files

Is your employee-related paperwork in order? Are your personnel files in good condition, organized, and easy to find?  Have you filled out required forms properly? 


Starting an Employee Wellness Program

Encourage employees to implement healthy habits with the goals of saving money on health insurance premiums and higher productivity. 


Customized Employee Handbook

Customized Employee Handbooks

Ensure legally required policies are presented to your employees in writing to avoid exposure! Employee handbooks protect 


Customized Job Descriptions

Why use job descriptions? First and foremost, they provide an understanding of the job that needs to be filled when hiring. They are an invaluable document

HR Documents

Customized HR Forms

When keeping all the information you have to collect as an employer organized, HR forms are a must! HRinDemand will customize the forms that you need to maintain 


The New Nevada / Federal Labor Laws Poster is Here!

We have the latest Nevada and Federal labor laws poster in one convenient laminated format. (If you have received posters from us in the past, they are out of date.)

Purchase Yours Here…


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