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5 Simple Tasks to Wrap Up Your HR Year

1. Ensure Your Employee Information is Up-to-Date

Do you have current information for all of your employees? Remind them to submit an updated contact form if they have moved, changed phone numbers, or want to designate a new emergency contact.

Having correct addresses will also aid in IRS Form W-2 Wage and Tax Statement distribution.Reviewing Employee Files

2. Check Your Postings/Required Notices

Look at your company bulletin board. Do you have the latest required notices to be in compliance with Federal and State requirements? If you post electronically, make sure the latest version has been uploaded to your company intranet.

This is a good time to tear down the old and tack up the new.

(HRinDemand offers an all-in-one labor law poster for $50 that satisfies Federal and Nevada posting requirements. Call us at 775-400-1322 to order yours!)

3. Terminated Employees I-9 Clean-up

Review your IRS Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Forms for terminated employees. You may destroy an I-9 form if it is more than three years after the date of hire or one year after the date employment ended, whichever is later.

4. Re-read Your Employee Handbook

When was the last time you read your employee handbook from cover-to-cover? Reading it as a single document at least once per year is good practice. If you updated policies during the year, do they now conflict with other policies? Have all of your updates been merged into the current version? Are you missing policies that you thought were included? Is it in an easy-to-read format? Are the policies listed in an organized fashion?

Take note of your answers to these questions and make it a priority to update your handbook in the new year.

5. Be Grateful

Take a moment to reflect on the past year. There was probably a mix of ups and downs, but you wouldn’t be where you are now without your employees. Acknowledge the people who keep your business running. The end of the year is a great time for a catered lunch, a holiday party, or some other demonstration of your appreciation. (The Society of Human Resource Management recently asked members for suggestions for ways to thank employees. Check their website for more ideas.)

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