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Are You Over Your Head in HR?

How Does Small Business Manage Human Resources? Who Has the Time!
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As a small business owner, have you ever wondered about such things as I-9s, paying employees correctly, or how to find good employees and keep them?

Typically, small businesses do not have a full-time, experienced human resources professional on their staff because it isn’t a practical expense. This leaves HR processes and policies to company personnel who might not have the experience and time to handle complex and changing employment laws and regulations. Managers may face employee issues that are challenging to address and go to the individual wearing the “HR hat” who may also be at a loss for how to handle an HR challenge.

HRinDemand works with clients who are in this exact position by providing an easily accessible hotline service. With the hotline, clients are just a phone call away when the unexpected arises and this preventative approach has resulted in avoiding lawsuits while increasing employee morale. When calling the HRinDemand hotline, confidentiality is ensured without judgement. With over 20 years of HR experience, the team at HRinDemand provides a knowledgeable sounding board helping businesses comply with employer requirements while helping to create a great employee experience.

“We have helped clients with everything from determining how to structure pay rates to an overhaul of their performance management processes to straightening out their I-9s. “This stuff is not for the wary or faint of heart,” says Melissa Marsh, Founder of HRinDemand. “We want to help small businesses navigate all the employer challenges they will face. Owners often wear so many hats, they rarely have time to think about HR…until it’s too late. We can help put preventive practices in place. Many of our clients have found the HRinDemand Hotline to be an invaluable resource. Our clients call when they’re stumped or just need a sounding board to bounce around ideas and make a final decision when handling employee needs.”

If you would like information about the HRinDemand Hot Line, contact HRinDemand.

The team at HRinDemand has helped clients navigate the following questions and more. Rest assured, if they don’t have the answers, they will find them for you!

Governmental Laws and Regulations

  • I haven’t really been keeping up with I-9s, what do I do now?
  • Nevada overtime requirements are confusing, how do I make sure I’m paying correctly?
  • I’ve always used independent contractors, is this ok?
  • Do we need to offer sexual harassment training?
  • Do we need to have our company policies in writing (even though we are a small company)?
  • Do we have the most recent Nevada and Federal labor laws poster posted in our office?
  • Is our employment application current with Nevada and Federal laws? Do we need to have an employment application?
  • Are our employee files correctly set up and more importantly, are they in compliance with government regulations? For instance, will the files pass an I-9 audit?

Employee Recruiting and Employee Relations

  • How do we attract qualified candidates? How can we make our position descriptions and job ads compelling?
  • How do we interview applicants? What questions can we legally ask?
  • Some of our employees are under 18, what do we need to do with their schedules?
  • An employee requests time off and I don’t believe the reason. What do I do next?
  • An employee came to me complaining about co-workers creating a hostile work environment. How to I respond to this complaint?
  • I’d like recommendations on getting our employees to understand company goals, short term and long term. They just don’t seem to get it. What is the best way to help them see our vision?

 Effective Policies and Procedures

  • How do we educate our managers so they understand how to avoid costly mistakes when employees request a leave of absence?
  • Do we need an employee handbook? How do we create one?
  • Are our policies up to date with current laws and regulations?
  • How do we implement these policies and ensure consistency and fairness?
  • Do we have all of the required forms?
  • How do we on-board new employees?

Who can we call to advise us on human resources issues, policies and government regulations?

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