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Need Good Employees? Use Social Media

Think of Social Media as a tool to find your best talent. The minute you need to fill a position, social media should be your first stop. Here are six tips for finding the best candidates on social media:

1. Use Social Media Posts

Post what you are looking for on all your profile pages, even those that you think are personal and have nothing to do with your business. Post it often (at least 3x per week). This is your network of referrals for good hires. Kindly ask all of your employees to post on their pages that their workplace is hiring. This immediately (for free) broadens your network of referrals for good hires.

2. Use free posting

Post for free, why not? Use Bullhorn Reach (it will help you with the tip above). It’s not complicated and guess what? It’s free! Some people are against Craigslist. I don’t understand – it’s free. Most employers post here, candidates look here. Don’t be a Craigslist snob, instead use a free tool that gets used by job seekers. Of course, there are jobs for which the right candidates won’t be found here. Who cares…it’s free!

3. Use Back-to-work Programs

Let good back-to-work programs be an arm of your social media approach to hiring. Post your job with local nonprofit back-to-work outfits and post with State run programs. Then link it to your social media – everyone wins. You show your support of agencies with meaningful missions and you just might find that right candidate. Besides, it’s free (there’s a theme here) and sometimes you will be eligible for incentive programs. In Nevada, utilize the services of ProNet/Join ( and DETR (

4. Use your social media contacts

Search through your contacts’ contacts on Facebook and LinkedIn. The perfect candidate for your open position might be someone that knows someone you know. Thank you, Internet for connecting us and letting us have access to each other’s information!

5. Check out your good candidates.

When you get through the interviews and have narrowed down those most qualified candidates, do some research on those candidates. Social media is a gift. It’s become a medium of information about people, sometimes revealing more than you might think. For some reason, people post without thinking – thank you for helping us prevent a bad hire! Looking at their social media activity will give you valuable information. There are laws prohibiting discrimination in hiring so be careful about what you do with the information you learn. Also keep in mind, it is illegal in Nevada to ask job applicants for their social media passwords and login information. Read more here:

6. Use social media to your advantage, Boss.

Don’t doubt that job seekers are searching for information about your company. Make sure the company’s social media pages share information regularly about your great workplace. These days, building your brand as a great employer must include tooting your own horn on your social media pages. Kindly ask your employees to contribute and share their thoughts about work. We often think that testimonials are only for customers. They are not! Employees can give incredible testimonials. Let them. Do not miss this opportunity: paint the picture, social media is the canvas!

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