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Are You Overwhelmed By Labor Procedures and Policies?

Are you confused by labor laws?

Do you ever ask yourself:

  • When do I need to implement an Equal Employment Opportunity policy?
  • Does my business need to comply with OSHA standards?
  • Do I have my I-9 forms completed correctly?
  • Am I paying my employees correctly according to Nevada State law?

Many business owners focus their time on growing their business and not employee matters.  HRinDemand can help! Avoiding a single employee issue can save you double in time and resources. By outsourcing your HR needs, you can avoid the high cost of pay-rolling an HR administrator.

HRinDemand Policy and Procedures

We Solve HR Problems

With the HRinDemand Subscription Plan you will have a thorough HR assessment twice a year, receive easy-to-use tools to ensure hiring and termination consistency, and have unlimited access to the HRinDemand hotline.

The subscription plan benefits don’t stop there; you can add options tailored to your business that include: customized HR documents and forms, HR policies and procedures, a comprehensive, OSHA-compliant Safety Program, employee and manager training, and an employee performance management program.

The HRinDemand subscription plan provides a confidential sounding board for employment decisions, offers confidence in handling your human resource matters, and creates peace of mind at an affordable monthly rate.

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