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Employers: New Overtime Rules Apply to all Businesses

The Department of Labor (DOL) has released information about the new ruling requiring overtime pay for employees making up to  $913 per week (or $47,476 per year). This ruling goes into effect on December 1, 2016. Now is the time to start planning how your business will make this change.

The DOL has outlined 4 actions employers can take:

  • Pay overtime (of time-and-a-half) to eligible employees under the new rule.
  • Raise employees’ salaries over the new threshold rate of $913 per week.
  • Limit employee hours to 40 hours per week and eliminate overtime work.
  • Use a combination of the above options.

Check out this video for a quick recap:

The DOL has put together a handy website for more information and lots of resources at:

Give us a call if you need assistance preparing for this change.

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